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Resources to assist emerging and growing firms to raise capital and to obtain loans. Information to help small cap investors and micro loan providers to make the best choices.
Howard J. Leonhardt
Return to Date Since Founding 
as of Dec. 31, 2018 Cal-X 30 Social Good Impact Index Fund 39.5%
S&P 500 28.3%

Cal-X – The California Stock Xchange is a business accelerator network that helps you from napkin concept through IPO to meet your goals.  We create a customized 5 year mentoring and funding road map and a comprehensive research analysis report on companies utilizing our patented Cal-X EquityNet Business Plan Analysis program.   Our financing network through our affiliated partners offers assistance with convertible debt notes, angel investor network postings, pitch contests, grants, microloans, microlicensing tools, export financing, receivables factoring, social media for equity, customer loyalty programs, crowdfunding, California Qualification by Permit Offerings, standard private placements, direct public offerings, Dutch Auction IPOs, foreign exchange IPOs and traditional IPOs and PIPEs.   We specialize in facilitating investors to participate in LOCAL INVESTING in their own community and SOCIAL IMPACT investing. Download the Cal-X Slide Show Here

California Stock Xchange

“The California Stock Exchange is for anyone motivated to act on, propel or accomplish social good, whether an entrepreneur, social activist, or artist. When people do what they love and believe in, they create stronger more sustainable businesses with more loyal followers and in turn, will create a stronger more sustainable economy. Our clear goal is to create 23 million new jobs over the next decade; jobs that people love.” – Howard J. Leonhardt