“The California Stock Xchange mission is based on the principle that following conscious-capitalism tenets of treating people well and having a sense of purpose will attract and retain the best talent, thereby leading to more innovation, happier repeat customers, and steady profitability growth and return to investors,” asserts Howard J. Leonhardt, founder of Cal-X and Leonhardt Ventures. “We believe that doing good is not just important for good’s sake, it is also good business. This is a departure from Wall Street’s overriding emphasis on short-term, net-profit postings that are often achieved at the expense of cutting research and development, employee pay and benefits, and commitment to long-term purpose, suppliers, and the community. We feel that investing in companies with a sense of purpose and care for people and community will be less of a roller-coaster ride for investors. We are setting out to prove this with solid supporting data over time. Companies and investors that believe in these principles will now have a home marketplace.”
– Howard J. Leonhardt, Founder, The California Stock Xchange
“Vision inspires evangelists, and evangelists are the key players in turning ideas into successful innovations” Steve Jobs

Cal-X The California Stock Exchange – the first conscious capitalism stock exchange.

In every man’s and woman’s life there is a defining moment. It is a brief intersection of circumstances and choices that define a persons life for better or worse, the chance to do something that really matters in a big way. THIS is a noble cause. THIS is a grand ambition. The California Stock Exchange can be transformational to society. It is capitalism re-booted with love. In a world where most people are not “engaged and loving” the work they do for a good portion of their days Cal-X offers true hope with a clear workable plan. The same is true regarding the lack of feel good factor in investing today. Investment in people is a human process of people helping people and we wish to bring back the humanization. People investing in people should be thanked by people not a bank statement with numbers only. By bringing Cal-X forward, the first ever conscious capitalism stock exchange, we have have a grand purpose. We have the opportunity to move and inspire millions. To elevate a “feel good” sense for the good side of capitalism is an enormous contribution to humanity. By setting this course we are challenging all around us with this purpose. We are setting a great expectation, one of the greatest ever set in history. If we work hard and continue to get the message out this great expectation can become a self fulfilling prophecy. People will rise to support Cal-X because they want to feel something. They want to be moved and inspired. They want to have something they can truly believe in. This is it. Anything is possible when a TEAM of committed individuals are inspired by a grand cause. There are no grander purposes than this one – to bring heart, love and good into work. To match good return on investment with good deeds well done. With this kind of greater than grand noble purpose we can inspire the sacrifice, stimulate the innovation and encourage the perseverance necessary to transform great talent into one of the most exceptional accomplishments of all time. This is an opportunity of not just a lifetime but of many lifetimes.


The California Stock Exchange is designed to..

1.  Be first conscious capitalism stock exchange.
2.  All companies will be scored by the B Lab certification system and we will add additional scoring metrics such as innovation culture and CEO vision communication and resonant leadership scores.
3.  Premise is this…. companies that have a sense of purpose and treat people well will recruit, retain and motivate the most talented people which in turn spurs more innovation and happier repeat customers that leads to more sustainable reliable returns to investors.
4.  No day trading.
5.  No short trading.
6.  High transparency.
7.  Trading windows to drive concentrated volume.
8.  Stock exchange takes strong promotional role in bringing attention to it’s listed companies.  Kind of like taking American Idol on the road.
9.  Emphasis on local investing.  Prime function of Cal-X will be to constantly promote meetings of local investors with local entrepreneurs.  We will piggyback and sponsor other meetings already being held by others as well such as CrowdFundX and CrowdImpact.
10.  Most investments in form of index fund like tools to spread out risk.
11.  The minimum level Cal-X listed company will have $20 to $40 million in revenues by time of IPO and will be raising between $8 million and $50 million.
12.  Comprehensive research reports on all companies following holistic model not just short term net profit analysis.
13.  We will be first stock exchange that goes to great lengths to improve the 95:5 gender gap in venture financing by promoting heavily women owned enterprises.
14.  Our first target for gaining support for our movement and our first target market is women entrepreneurs.  That is why we sponsored the California Women’s Conference 20,000 strong and SOVLE Conference for Women by Chic-CEO 22,000 members strong, TedXWomen, Appreciation of Women in Business, Dolphin Tank Panels, Women 2.0 and more.
15.  We have a goal to have the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation each announce $100 million funds just to invest in Cal-X listed companies.  The Ford Foundation has already expressed interest.
16.  We have received the endorsement of the conscious capitalism society.  We will seek additional endorsements.
17.  Cal-X is designed to be the first nurturing exchange following the pioneering examples of the DOLPHIN TANK Panels and the SOLVE Conference.  We do not just list our member companies we nurture them, promote them, aide them, support them, empower them, interlink them.  We want them to succeed!  If they win we win!


Cal-X The CALIFORNIA STOCK EXCHANGEwww.calstockexchange.com Is in early process of registering with the SEC to be the first conscious capitalism stock exchange emphasizing local investing and comprehensive holistic research analysis of companies.  Aspiration to be amongst the three leading stock exchanges in the history of the United States.  No day trading.  No short trading.  Limited trading windows.  High level of transparency.  Mandatory open monthly or quarterly shareholder meetings via internet TV without scripts or pre-loaded questions.  CEO and CFO participation openly and mandatory in daily message board communications.  Expected to be home of $8 million to $100 million IPOs of growing companies with a minimum of $20 million in revenues.
Cal-X Crowdfund Connectwww.calxcrowdfund.com Is committed to be the premier equity crowdfunding portal and service provider in California teamed with EquityNet +Crowdfunder.com and others.  We are leaders in California Qualification by Permit $5 million offerings and expanded 506D offerings of up to $50 million teamed with the registered broker dealer Merriman Capital and Methvenlaw.  Far more than just an ordinary crowdfunding portal we comprehensively nurture companies in every aspect of growth.
Cal-Xelerator – “Create to great in 108″ www.calxelerator.com is a 108 day startup launch business accelerator for life science, tech and social good enterprises.
Cal-X Starswww.calxstars.com Is a 5 year business accelerator and venture fund portfolio focused on life science (stem cell & cardiovascular focus) and social good enterprises.
Cal-X Funders Clubhttp://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/cal-x-funders-club/ – Accredited investor only angel network for investing in Cal-X vetted startups through single purpose vehicle LLCs.
Cal-X Business Development Corporation – Early stages of registering to be a publicly traded fund for investing in early stage businesses with an emphasis on cardiovascular life sciences and women owned social good impact enterprises.
Cal-X Microloanshttp://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/calx-microloan-program/ – Microloan programs for small businesses teamed with ZimpleMoney and Kiva.


Cal-X the stock exchange for product creators and early adopter customer investors to connect directly.
A stock market where shared passion for innovation and great products rules.

By charter Cal-X will seek to guide financing into women owned enterprises and will encourage
greater participation of women on company boards.

We wish to end the 95:5 gender imbalance in venture financing and board participation!

Proud sponsors of;  The California Women’s Conference, Solve Conference for Women, Chic-CEO, Stiletto Dash, Women 2.0, Startup Sessions at Google Ventures Startup Labs, Vator.tv, Startup California, Startup Weekend, Tech Cocktail, Citizen Tek, TedXWomen, Dolphin Tank Panel, The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show & Appreciation of Women in Business.

The California Stock Exchange: the first conscious capitalism social good impact U.S. stock exchange

In collaboration with over 300 partner organizations we a launching the first social good impact/conscious capitalism stock exchange in the U.S.A.   We believe that companies that have a sense of good purpose and treat people well and their communities well are not just good for good sake but are good investments.  These companies attract the best most talented people, motivate them and keep them happy.  Talented happy motivated employees translate to happy repeat customers which creates sustainable steady returns for investors.  The people that believe in this will now have a home marketplace.

“This is not your Father’s stock exchange!”


1.  No day trading.
2.  No short trading.
3.  Concentration of trading volumes into trading windows based on volume.  May be as low as 3 hours a week.
4.  If a shareholder wishes to sell shares more than 10% below the current trading price the company may invoke a yellow flag that will provide the company up to 90 days to find a buyer at a better price before the trade executes (this avoids a few panic sellers driving the price down for everyone else).  When you sell a house it takes time.  Low volume stock sales take time too.
5.  Comprehensive holistic research analysis on ALL listed companies.  Innovation culture and pipeline, B Lab Certification, Social Good, Employee Happiness, Customer Happiness, Visionary Leadership, Ability to Communicate Purpose.
6.  Unprecedented transparency.
7.  Shareholders freely elect board without controlled insider pre-slate given by company.  Every block of 10% holding gets a board seat.  Shareholders can self organize into blocks.
8.  Once a month open town hall shareholder meetings minimum of one hour (can be online) with NO SCRIPT and no pre-screening and pre-selecting of shareholder questions.
9.  Companies must agree to hold local town hall style meetings in their home town at least twice a year to promote local investing and community engagement.
10.  Only social good impact and life science (by nature social good) listed.   All with comprehensive analysis.

In ONE sentence, tell us about your project to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.
Will transform capitalism by redirecting financial reward to those that do the most good for society.
Who will benefit from what you propose? What have you observed that makes you think that?

Social good companies will benefit by finding and keeping more investors.   Social good impact investors will benefit by getting a more reliable return on their investment.  We have observed that the Wall Street over obsession with short term quarterly profit posts at the expense of long term commitment to people, community and purpose just puts the investors on a roller coaster ride.  The profits are higher temporarily but never last with that approach.  Building solid companies with a sound sense of purpose while treating people and communities well are more likely to have steady growth long term.

What progress have you made so far?
We have lined up an SEC approved trading platform to launch on.  We have established working relationships with over 300 partners.   We have finalized the stock exchange rules and design.  We have recruited over 70 management team members and advisors.   We have launched fully our web site.  Working with partners we have launched over a dozen income producing products on the market now such as the EquityNet business plan analysis program, the ZimpleMoney convertible debt note program, the WorthWorm early stage valuation program, Cal-X Crowdfund Connect, Cal-X Funders Club, Cal-X Microloans, Cal0-X Stars 5 Year Business Accelerator, Cal-Xelerator Startup Launch Accelerator, Crowdfund! The American Dream TV Show, Lions Den Online TV Show, The Crowdfunding Live Radio Show, Kindheart Lionheart Startup Support Services, TubeStart and more.  We have prepared 30 companies, 15 life science and 15 social good impact, to be the original Cal-X 30 to best listed on the exchange on opening trading day scheduled for November 7th, 2014.   We have readied three Cal-X Exchange Traded Funds to begin trading as our products on day one opening of The California Stock Exchange = (1) Cal-X Life Science Fund, (2) Cal-X Social Good Impact Innovation Fund and (3) Cal-X Exchange Index Fund.   We have arranged to have over 100 showcases around the world highlighting the original 30 listed companies on the exchange to increase awareness and to drive investor interest into those companies.  Our goal is to have the financial return performance year one of all three of our indexes to beat the Dow Jones 30 and the S&P 500 by over 33%.   This will set us up to list additional companies in following years.  We plan to have a large cap and small cap board.  The large cap board will feature companies like Patagonia, Whole Foods, The Container Store and others that already trade on other exchanges.   We launched this year in collaboration with HealthiosXchange www.healthioxchange.com a listing board and portal for private offerings of life science stocks and syndicate champion portfolios, such as the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc..   We are promotional partner for the Cutting Edge X Direct Public Offering Listing Board – https://www.cuttingedgex.com/listing also launched in 2013, both of which we expect to be feeders to The California Stock Exchange.   We launched last year CrowdImpact the World’s Largest Social Enterprise Crowdfunding Event in partnership with Crowdfunder.com in 2013 with over 600 participants – https://plus.google.com/101810298733078907623/posts/AvuyNpCw4Qx   We launched The California Stock Exchange vision at over 100 meetings including sponsoring the Dolphin Tank Panel at the California Womens’ Conference attended by nearly 20,000, the Solve Conference for Women by Chic-Ceo, Appreciation of Women In Business, TedXWomen San Diego, Startup Sessions @ Google Startup Labs with Vator.tv, Tech Cocktail, Startup Weekends, Startup California and more.  We attended and spoke at over 55 crowdfunding conferences – http://calxstars.com/sponsored/ We co-developed and sold the Crowdfund! The American Dream TV Show to CNBC working with Go Go Lucky Productions and Clifford Cohen.

What would be a successful outcome for your idea or project?

We hope to create 23 million jobs before the decade is out.  Not just any jobs but jobs people love.  We hope to transform capitalism by re-directing companies to focus on treating people well, having a strong sense of good purpose and giving back to communities.   We are unleashing the true power of investment.  If people invest in companies doing good the stock price goes up and companies are thus trained to do good like a dog is trained with treats.  We want people to think about the meaning behind where they work, where they invest and where they purchase from in the marketplace.
Who is on your team, and what are their relevant experiences or skills?

We have recruited over 70 experienced management team members and advisors that have experience with the Toronto Venture Exchange, NASDAQ and OTC Markets – http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/team-cal-x/  Our core staff has built many startup companies to be large industry leaders and know well all the trials, tribulations and costs entrepreneurs go through to raise capital for their companies.

1531 6th Street, Unit 401
Santa Monica, California, USA
Office Direct 310 310 2534
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