Accredited Investor Portals

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Up to $50 million raises under new 506C.
Accreditation $1 mil. in assets or $200K in income last 3 years (must provide proof).
General advertising allowed with conditions.

    506C Offerings

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Cal-X Funders Club | The California Stock Xchange – Click Here

Local Crowdfunding
• Up to $1 million raises following strict SEC criteria.

Social Good Impact Crowdfunding with Title Partner
Cal-X Crowdfund Connect
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• Up to $1 million raises.
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California Qualification By Permit Offerings
Legal Equity Crowdfunding in California with Permit
• Up to $5 million.
• Audited financials not required.
• Accreditation • $75K in assets excluding home and vehicles if investing more than $2300.
• Accreditation if investing under $2300 = only up to 10% of income max.
• One class of stock only.
• Public advertising permitted with 3 day notice to state for review.
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The Cal-X Funders Club – Click Here