Cal-X Coffee Shops

Mentoring Mondays will be held at Cal-X Endorsed Coffee Shops in towns where Co-Working Spaces and Business Incubators may be in short supply.  The mentoring sessions will be every Monday morning at 7am at designated coffee shops and will convene again at sunset at participating coffee shops.

Cal-X endorsed mentors will be present to help entrepreneurs.

About Cal-X mentors….
Entrepreneurs like entrepreneurs

First-time entrepreneurs want to ask questions of successful entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs like investing in young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs of all kinds thrive on each other’s passion.

Gaps have formed in the traditional funding path for early stage companies. Many venture capitalists are moving towards bigger funds that invest larger amounts of money in lower risk companies that have already proven their model. Angel investors are banding together into syndicates that look more and more like venture capitalists. We think we can help to fill some of those gaps and then introduce companies to angel investor groups or venture capitalists at the right time.  We can guide business plan and venture pitch development.  We can introduce entrepreneurs to many useful tools.

We do this because we want to. All of the mentors are successful entrepreneurs who have many options about how to spend their time. We mentor startup companies because we enjoy it. Having an equity stake in our companies makes it more fun but our primary motivation is meeting startup entrepreneurs, not squeezing as much money out of each deal as we can.

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