Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – What Do We Do?

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We will come back to you within 30 days with a basic recommended roadmap for your startup.  If you are seeking to crowdfund we will match you up with the resources we believe are the best customized fit for you.


1.  We analyze your business plan and create a customized 15 page report of strengths and weaknesses including a probability of survival score = Example:

2.  We develop for you a customized suggested roadmap for growing your company (see bottom of this page).

3.   We guide you through the Cal-X endorsed WorthWorm Pre-Money Valuation Tool Calculator Program

Worthworm starts with a guided questionnaire that helps you think like an investor and prepare for meeting with angels. It includes more than 70 questions that are important to prospective investors and to the venture’s chances for success. Your answers power Worthworm’s rigorous analytic tools that help you figure out how to value a business and calculate a credible PMV that you can use during negotiations.

  • Complete a thorough yet easy-to-understand list of questions that make you see the venture through the eyes of an investor
  • Start and stop the questionnaire at any point to collaborate with business associates or investors
  • Get prepared to answer difficult questions from investors or partners, and feel confident in how to value your business

Learn more about the questionnaire >

Pre-Money Valuation
Once you finish the questionnaire, you’ll receive your pre-money valuation. It shows your current estimated PMV, along with a valuation bar that illustrates how much higher or lower it could be based on operational and other risks, including the levels of confidence you expressed while answering the questionnaire.

  • Put your answers through an advanced analytic engine that uses thousands of parameters and outputs, blends the most widely respected valuation methods, and compares third party research data about companies at the same maturity level
  • Get a sound, credible PMV that you can feel comfortable sharing and defending
  • Reframe the conversation around tactics and strategy instead of calculations and methods

Learn more about the PMV calculation >

4.  We help develop your marketing campaign designed to get customers, valuable partners, talented team members, experienced board members & advisors, influential endorsers and of course….investors.


MESSAGE – Get your message heard.
STORY – Develop a compelling story with memorable characters.
SOCIAL – Develop a full out social media campaign – YouTube Channel, Radio Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Hangouts, Linkedin
VIDEO – Create an emotional impact video with a clear message.  Develop your own YouTube Video Channel.
BLOG – Build a community.  Shape thoughts that communicate.
CONTENT MARKETING – Write meaningful content.  Embed your offering into good content.
NEWSLETTER – Create and distribute a newsletter that will be read.
EMAIL – Build a great email database and send emails that will be read.
TRADE SHOW OPTIMIZATION – Pick the right trade shows.  Maximize buzz and get the most out of every trade show dollar spent.
PR HACKING – Get PR in press and on media outlets with little cost.
WEB SITE – Develop a web site with high inbound traffic (SEO) that wins and keeps both customers and investors.
BUILD A BOARD – Build a world class business board, board of advisors and scientific/technology advisory board.
TEAM – RECRUIT TALENT – Get the best and brightest to join you.  Find a co-founder if needed.  Build a great team.
PITCH – Get the pitch right.
INNOVATE – How to build an innovation culture.
CUSTOMERS – How to secure happy return customers.
OPINION LEADERS & INFLUENCERS – How to get opinion leaders and super influencers to endorse you and your product.
PATENT AND TRADEMARK – We help you to maximize your return on IP investment with a well planned strategy.
RAISE CAPITAL – Help with every step = Friends and Family + Angels + Super Angels + Customer Capital + Distributors + Crowdfunding + 506C offerings + California Qualification By Permit + DPOs.

IF crowdfunding is a path for you….

Cal-X Crowdfund Connect Crowdfunding Campaign Building can help working with DELIVER THE CROWD and others..

What We Do
We deliver crowdfunding success.

No matter if your raise is for equity, rewards, debt or donations, you need to reach the correct audience with compelling content that engages, inspires and drives investment.

Our four step process is simple.

You’re doing a financing. You want a positive result. You need a plan. We learn about your company, your products and services, and what you want to accomplish. We develop messaging that will drive interest in your company and your financing. We collaborate with you to develop the most effective marketing plan within your budget.

Successful crowdfunding campaigns begin months before they are formally posted on a crowdfunding portal. So your marketing ramp-up could begin 3-6 months prior to your financing event. We build your company’s visibility in the press, on social media platforms, and on blogs that focus on your industry. We create premium content for you that appears on your blog, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. We build connections with potential investors and other interested folks. We also use this time to create your crowdfunding campaign’s video, marketing copy, press release, and graphical presentations that will appear on your crowdfunding portal page. Finally, a crowdfunding portal is selected – one that has an audience of investors that are likely to be interested in investing in your company.

At launch, we leverage our social media network, advertising and PR resources to get the word out that your new financing opportunity is now available for a limited time. We track portal traffic, follow-up on questions from prospective investors, and invite everyone to review your materials and invest in your company.
Your portal page will be updated several times during the campaign and these updates will serve to sustain interest in your offering. By the end of the campaign, if all goes according to plan, you will have a successful crowdfunding event.

The campaign is over, the funds are in the bank, but there’s still work to be done. If you offered prizes or gifts to investors, we pack ‘em and ship ‘em. You now have a bunch of excited investors who are stakeholders in your company. They are rooting for your success, and they need your attention. We provide you with investor relations services designed for crowdfunding investors. We also continue to get the word out about your newly-funded company in the press, and all social media networks.



Leonhardt Ventures’ located in Los Angeles (Santa Monica), the story telling capital of the world, has assembled a virtual studio.  Working with Cal-X Crowdfund Connect, Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. and others we have formed our own full service creative shop — made up of local producers, writers, designers, actors, camera crews, sound crews, post production, editing, strategists, marketers, public relations experts, crowdfunders and technologists, all located in the Santa Monica/Westside to Downtown LA corridor, who invent, inspire, and create original ideas with our brand partners.   We transform these original ideas into tangible, authentic experiences from start to finish, from napkin concept to production to promotion, from startup through IPO.  A full out long term 5 year campaign made up of video series, livecasted shows, trade show management, content marketing, PR hacking, web site development, social media challenges, events, and beyond – with a unique ability to create memorable characters and compelling stories that prompt real action.  It all starts with the Cal-X EquityNet business plan analysis and from that information we develop a recommended customized 5 year roadmap for your concept or company.

“A vision is meaningless if it does not have the power to persuade, and it cannot persuade if nobody knows about it – marketing the vision is everything!”  Carmine Gallo, Author

Data-based intelligence on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer finance

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