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Insider access to pre-vetted startups. Low minimum investment sizes. Free membership. Join today. Cal-X Funders Syndicate is a new type of venture capital platform, built around a unique online marketplace that allows accredited investors to become equity holders in Cal-X Funders Syndicate-managed venture funds – which then fund pre-screened, private companies. The platform combines industry-standard venture funds, with an easy-to-use web-platform that allows members to browse and screen fund investment opportunities, view investment profiles and sign legal documents. The result – deserving companies get the capital they need, and investors get unprecedented access to the opportunities they want and the ability to build a diversified portfolio.


Insider access to invest in startup opportunities that are pre-screened by Cal-X Funders Syndicate Investment Committee and Cal-X Funders Club Angel Panel (a panel of Cal-X Funders Syndicate investor members).


Investments are made in venture funds set up for the startups, and therefore, the minimum check sizes are 10-20 times smaller than typical angel investments – $1K-$5K typically, vs. $25K-$100K. This provides an easier way to build a diversified portfolio.


Unlike many angel groups, it is free to be a member of Cal-X Funders Syndicate.


To be an accredited investor requires a minimum income and/or net wealth. The sign-up process of Cal-X Funders Syndicate verifies the accreditation of its members.

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* – This site is a beta test site at this time.  Broker dealer contracts, fund registrations and other matters are still being enacted in full. Interested to invest  SEC recognizes FundersClub as first-ever online VC | VentureBeat…/sec-recognizes-fundersclub-as-first-ever-online-vc/‎ Mar 28, 2013 – In huge news for the venture capital world, the SEC officially announced… itself has been untouched by the Internet,” said FundersClub founder and CEO …The JOBS Act is still in limbo, but the SEC’s no-action letter sets the stage for an …Ex-Facebook/Dropbox product guy gets $1.2M for stealth startup … SEC Greenlights One Style Of Equity Crowdfunding For Startups …‎ Mar 28, 2013 – Before, some thought FundersClub’s founders could face jail time for violating finance laws. … Via the no-action letter, the SEC has officially recognized the legitimacy of online … LinkedIn Has Definitely Acqui-Hired Maybe, … EAT Club Goes Mobile, Bringing A Food Truck With Mobile Ordering And Payment … AngelList receives same no-action letter from SEC as Funders Club ……/angellist-receives-same-no-action-letter-from-sec-as-f…‎ AngelList has received a similar “no-action” letter from the SEC as the Y Combinator -backed Funders Club platform, which is said to validate these platforms’ … What is a Direct Public Offering aka Investment Crowdfunding …‎ by Jenny Kassan – in 28 Google+ circles Investment Crowdfunding (Direct Public Offering (DPO)) is a generic term that includes any offer and sale of … You are incorporated under Washington state law. How To Go Public Without Middlemen: Top 2 Options – Forbes…/how-to-go-public-without-middlemen-top-2-options…‎ Jan 9, 2013 – Direct Public Offerings (DPO) come in various formats that entrepreneurs can … While Regulation D, 506 form-D is readily accepted by all stateswhen doing an … Regulation A is the current legal crowdfunding law of the … California Qualification by Permit AngelList‎ Crowdfunding Tools | EquityNet‎ The Business Crowdfunding Platform‎ MicroVentures‎ CircleUp: Investing private consumer companies, equity crowdfunding‎ FundersClub‎ We are in the early processes of building the Cal-X MEDICAL HEALTH INDEXES so you can invest in products such as exchange traded funds or unit investment trusts based on these indexes. We are planning also to launch in the future Cal-X Life Science Innovation FUNDS that will be publicly registered venture funds that allow you to invest in a portfolio of private and small public companies in sub sectors of the health economy, stay tuned. We are currently participating in the SYNDICATE CHAMPIONS program on the HEALTHIOSXCHANGE – … Password protected for verified accredited investors only: How It Works (For Syndicates) – HealthiosXchange‎ HealthiosXchange – Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars‎

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