Cal-X Funding Options

Choose the type of Crowdfunding Raise that is right for your business:

Beginning Stage Financing

Mid Stage Financing

Late Stage Financing

Our primary products we sell…

Cal-X EquityNet Business Plan Analysis
Cal-X Business Plan Development (EquityNet & FundingRoadMap)
Cal-X Angels Network ( and Microventures)
Cal-X Zimplemoney Friends & Family Convertible Debt Note Software
Cal-X Crowdfunding Compliance Software (Fundingroadmap)
Cal-X Crowdfunding Campaign Development (Fundallbeall)
Cal-X Crowdfund Connect “Crowdfunding for Serious Startups”.
Local investing meetings – where local entrepreneurs meet local investors.
Cal-X research analysis of small companies.
Cal-X Assist in Selling Subscription Services – Memberly
Cal-X Web Site Development
Cal-X Lions Den Pitch Contest Online TV Program
Cal-X Investor Pitch Clinic – Video Speech Development
Cal-X Microlicensing (Sell a Town).
Cal-X Tweet for Equity (Wahooly)
Cal-X Microloans
Cal-X California Qualification by Permit Offering
Cal-X 506-D Offering
Cal-X Mini-IPO/DRO
Cal-X Full IPO