Social Sentiment Funds

These sites were suggested by the Valu Valu fund as alternative social sentiment funds to look at and consider.  Cal-X has not vetted the quality of these funds.  Make your own determination.  Cal-X likes the concept of following social media trending messages to get an indication of the anticipation of a stocks direction but is certain this is often not reliable.

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Nicknamed ‘The Twitter Fund’, this is a Hedge Fund trading exclusively on Twitter sentiment.
Pluga Capital 
Pluga AI is a Hedge Fund monitoring sentiments in Japanese blogs to trade the Nikkei 225
Filtering and aggregation of stock market-related Tweets
Topsy Labs
Realtime analysis of Twitter content
Text analysis engine applicable to social monitoring
The Stock Sonar
Natural language processing to quantity the polarity of news.
Data analytics in social media
Recorded Future
Quantitative analysis of multiple media sources, applicable to finance
Human-based analysis of Twitter for trading the S&P 500
Grouping multiple news sources and measuring the overall sentiment