CalX Microloan Program

Cal-X Microloan Programs and our affiliated partners have these goals…

1.  Help startups that were turned down by traditional banks get loans.
2.  Help startups get loans at a lower overall cost with better terms.
3.  Help investors get a good return while helping people help themselves.
4.  Partner with community banks for local loans.
5.  Partner with local investing organizations.
6.  Help small banks diversify their portfolio.
7.  With the help of ZimpleMoney help startups manage efficiently friends and family financing rounds.
8.  Help startups with convertible debt not financing plans.
9.  Partner with crowdfunding resources to fund startups.
10. Partner with export financing tools to fund startups.
11.  Provide nurturing assistance to startups to increase the likelihood of success.


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California Microloan Application 

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How Does Our CalX Kindheart Lionheart Microloan Program Work?

Microloan Basics

Microloans are small loans given to the poor to help them be self-sustaining by starting small businesses. These loans help them, even though they don’t have credit. The California Stock Exchange Microloan Exchange seeks to be one of the leading websites that facilitates the flow of microloans.

Microloan Access
Register in the CalX Microloan Program to be bound with 14 other companies in your region to participate.
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for microloan access.

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Kiva Zip is a website that enables individual lenders around the world to ‘crowd fund’ interest-free loans directly to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the USA

Need Less than $10,000? Here’s One Way to Get It – Click Here


How Micro Loans Work

Micro Loans can be one of the most successful and sustainable solutions to promote job creation and economic growth. Micro loan methods have a proven basic structure and an impressive track record.

Micro loan programs provide entrepreneurs with access to capital as well as systematic training to help ensure the success of their businesses.  After systematic and ongoing training, an entrepreneur becomes eligible to submit a proposal for a micro-loan to be placed on The California Stock Exchange Micro Loan Exchange, usually less than $10,000.  Before funds are advanced, potential  borrowers are placed in groups geographically, so they meet together regularly, to establish group support and accountability. Group members are required to cross guarantee each other’s loans. Group formation and group accountability helps to ensure a high payback rate on loans.  Previous offshore micro loan programs, following the Nobel Prize winner M. Yunus’s methods, have demonstrated repayment rates in the 95-98% range.  This new CalX Kindheart Lionheart program with new unique features and innovations has never been tried in the USA and repayment risk rates are unknown.

A loan proposal is reviewed and evaluated against specific lending criteria. Lenders bid on providing the best terms and conditions to fulfill the loan request.  When their is a match of pledges and loan amount sought CalX arranges for the parties to meet to finalized the the final terms and conditions of the loan themselves following pre-determined basic exchange rules and guidelines as well as applicable laws and regulations.

The California Stock Exchange Micro Loan Exchange is striving to create solutions to generate job creation and grow our economy.

Our CalX Kindheart Lionheart Microloan Program

* Companies are assigned into 15 unit groups geographically by city, county or state and by amount of loan proceeds requested.

* Group members are required to cross guarantee each other’s loans.

* The profile of these Microloan Groups will be posted on the CalX and affiliated start up incubator web sites.

* Lenders can pledge the amount they want to contribute to the specific Microloan Group.

* Once enough pledges have been gathered to equal the amount the Microloan Group seeks to receive CalX sets up a meeting between the leading lender and the Microloan Group for them to finalize terms and conditions of the loan.

* Unlike other micro loan financing programs the CalX Kindheart Lionheart Microloan Program encourages lenders to seek a reasonable return on their risk of capital following all applicable laws and regulations.

Our CalX Export Financing Program – Exports Creates Jobs!

* CalX facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to start-up incubator consultants to assist them in navigating through the U.S. Export-Import Bank Programs for financing exports (see below)

* Ex-Im :: Loan Guarantee

* Feb 7, 2007 … Export Import Bank of the United States … With Ex-Im Bank’s loan guarantee, international buyers are able to obtain competitive … 7 years or (B) the term permitted under Ex-Im Bank’s Environmental Exports Program, …

* Working Capital

* Export Import Bank of the United States … Multi-Buyer Policy


* (“Borrower”) in favor of the Export-Import Bank of the United States


* Microloans serve two purposes. The first is to instill in the poor that they can free themselves from poverty. The second is to aid in the alleviation of poverty, unemployment and economic stagnation by helping loan recipients start small businesses and grow them.  To provide opportunity for people to follow their dreams that would not otherwise have the ability to fund their idea.  Lenders are individuals who pledge a certain amount of money to loan out to a deserving entrepreneur. These loans are administered through CalX or their assigned qualified pre-screened agents such as Kiva and others, which forwards the funds to local microfinance institutions or directly to geographic micro loan groups of 15.


* When the money reaches the microfinance institution, a lending officer lends this money out to the entrepreneur. However, the process doesn’t stop there. Employees of the microfinance institution provide resources and training to these entrepreneurial individuals through affiliation with start-up business incubators around the world, such as Leonhardt’s Launchpads and others, so to increase the chances that they will able to succeed in their business and be able to use the loan wisely. Later on, the borrower repays the loan to the lender. Between the time of the loan and the repayment, CalX assists in updating the borrower on the progress of their loan. When the loan has been repaid,can either withdraw their money with interest or start the cycle again.

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California SBA Microloan Centers

Cal-X endorsed microfinance for U.S. entrepreneuers from San Francisco, CA based

Need A Loan? FundingUniverse matches qualified small business owners with active banks, credit unions, and other lending sources.

VEDC (Valley Economic Development Center) is the largest community development financial institution in the Los Angeles area, originating $30 million in direct and guaranteed lending annually. VEDC administers several direct loan programs through its state licensed lender and certified development financial institution, the Los Angeles Business Development Corporation (LABDC), and provides packaging services to businesses for various loan programs.
VEDC’s Microloan Programs provide financing to start-up, existing & home-based businesses. VEDC can help with the best loan program to meet your needs.
Microloan Programs
Available in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino Counties and Inland Empire.
Loan Amounts$1,000 to $50,000
Interest Rates9.75% to 10.5%
Loan Termsup to 5 years
Use of Funds
The loan can be used towards storefront improvements, machinery & equipment purchasing, working capital, inventory, relocation and business acquisition.


Program: Export Working Capital Program (EWCP)
Program Description: The EWCP was designed to provide short-term working capital to exporters. The EWCP is a combined effort of the SBA and the Export-Import Bank. The two agencies have joined their working capital programs to offer a unified approach to the government’s support of export financing. The EWCP uses a one-page application form and streamlined documentation with turnaround usually within 10 days. A letter of prequalification is also available from the SBA.


Kiva City Los Angeles gives you a way to support to small businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area that are working together to create thriving local


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