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“Cal-X Crowdfund a unit of The California Stock Xchange is cautiously working towards establishing the very first legal equity crowdfunding site in the USA. Utilizing the California Qualification by Permit exemption we* seek to help California corporations raise up to $5 million from California investors utilizing a well designed general advertising campaign. The accreditation standards for investors are $75K in assets excluding their home and vehicles, much lower than the federal standard of $1 million in assets. The Cal-X team nurtures, mentors and assists companies every step of the way in building their business plan, web site, video, slide deck, executive summary, their team and their PR, social media and marketing campaigns. We have made a special reach out to women owned enterprises in sponsoring The California Women’s Conference, TedXWomen, Startup California, Startup Weekend, Google Ventures/Vator Startup Sessions and events up and down the state of California. Cal-X is committed to narrowing the current 95:5 gender gap in securing funding for startup enterprises. Our nurturing model has been well received by women’s entrepreneurship organizations. The California Stock Exchange is in the early stages of registering with the SEC with aspirations to become the third major stock exchange in the history of the USA. The first conscious capitalism stock exchange with an emphasis on promoting local investing. Cal-X seeks to be the stock exchange for main street not Wall Street. No day trading. No short trading. Cal-X has hope to be the “feel good marketplace” where dreams are realized. Where “doing well by doing good” becomes the norm rather than the exception. A marketplace with un-precedented transparency and access. Home of the $8 million IPO of the high growth company with sky rocketing sales due to happy customers. Cal-X registered analysts will be required to analyze the company as a whole not just net profit alone. We believe that treating people well and communities well with a sense of higher purpose helps recruit and retain the most talented people in the modern age. The companies with the most talented people working for good causes they believe in create happy repeat customers and thus become good sustainable investments. Doing well by doing good is not just good for the sake of good, it is good business. Cal-X is building tools to help companies from napkin concept through IPO and beyond that believe in these principles of conscious capitalism. We believe we are leading a new era of capitalism and we believe California is the natural birthplace for this innovation.” Howard J. Leonhardt, Founder, Chairman & CEO

* We includes our registered broker dealer partner Merriman Capital, Methven Law, Leverage PR, SocMe Academy, EquityNet, ZimpleMoney, Crowdfunding Planning, Funding Road Map,, When You Wish and other Cal-X partners.

Cal-X can help you prepare your donation based, pre-selling product, microlicensing or equity crowdfunding plan and campaign. Sign in here and we will start to match you with the right resources (note – equity crowdfunding in the USA is pending final SEC rules due Dec. 31, 2012).

crowdfunder is a Business Crowdfunding platform that will enable U.S. startups and small businesses to raise funds through public offerings of equity, debt and revenue based securities sold to individual investors.

For now, we are launching our Beta, which allows you to create a Fundraising Pitch Profile, build your network and attract Angels and VCs to your company.

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California Leads U.S. with Already Passed into Law Crowdfunding Legislation
Cal-X Your Expert Guide To California Qualification by Permit Offerings (Crowdfunding from people with net worth over $75,000)
• Limited to California only.
• General advertising is permitted to California residents only.
• $5 million offerings or less.
• Company must have less than $12.5 million in revenues.
• Investors must have net worth of $75,000 excluding home + vehicles.
• Investors must have minimum gross income of $50,000 annually.
• Investors cannot invest more than 10% of their income.
• No limit to the number of California investors.
• Requires a state permit. Ads must be filed with state three days before use.
Full advertising is allowed if the offering is restricted to California and the offering goes through a qualification by permit process.
The default is that California Commissioner of Corporation reviews the “fairness” of the offering and can impose additional restrictions on it. Still, the Commissioner cannot review the offering for “fairness” if if the offering is limited to $5 million or less, the company has annual revenues of less than $12.5 million, and some relatively low investor suitability standards are imposed (discussed below). The process still requires completing a California application for qualification by permit, among other things, and approval by the Commissioner may take approximately six weeks. Still, once approval is granted full public advertising is allowed, though the offering must be limited to California residents. (Advertisements do have to be filed with the California Commissioner of Corporations at least three days before they are used.)
To avoid a fairness review, the minimum investment standards (substantially less than that for a 25102(n) offering) for a California qualification by permit offering are as follows: The investor (including any spouse) must have, exclusive of homes, home furnishings and cars, either: (1) a minimum net worth of at least $75,000 and minimum gross income of $50,000 during the last tax year and (based on a good faith estimate) minimum gross income of $50,000 during the current tax year, or (2) in the alternative, a minimum net worth of $150,000. In either case, the investment cannot exceed 10 percent of the net worth of the investor.
There is no limit on the number of investors. The application requires answering a lengthy series of questions and providing all offering documents. The State must issue a permit before the offering can begin; review by the State takes 30-60 days, possibly more.

Guide to California Private Placement Regulations – Click Here

Facing page: Click Here

Items 8 through 10 and 12 through 18 of Form no. 260.112: Click Here

Application for permit pursuant to Section 25113, Form no. 260.113 (Items 19 through 23): Click Here

Customer Authorization of Disclosure of Financial Records signed by issuer: Click Here

Cal-X Endorsed Portal for Donation Based Crowdfunding


Cal-X Endorsed Crowdfunding Portal for Raising Funds for Social Causes (non-equity)

Crowdfunding for Political Causes


StockTrack is an easy to use shareholder management and reporting system. It includes complete shareholder transactions, cash distributions, and proxy voting, ‘as of date’ reporting, statements to email (and/or USPS mail) to shareholders, as well as custom letters and forms and much more.


September 25th, 2012, Santa Monica, California – Cal-X The California Stock Xchange and Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator announced today it’s lineup of crowdfunding portal alliances by speciality and scale.

1. – Our primary crowdfunding portal for small to mid scale financings and for CROWDFUND! and LIONS DEN TV Show offerings.

2. – For crowdfunding financial services companies, sports franchises and larger scale financings.

3. Cal-X – For select few high growth tech companies on path to an IPO.

4. – For funding social good non-profits.

5. – For funding phone and iPad apps.

Funding App Development

6. – For funding political campaigns.

7. – For funding green companies.

8. – For funding scientists doing research.

Funding Scientists Research SciFund Challenge

FundaGeek Crowdfunding for Innovation

9. – Marketing, Funding, and Distribution for films

Film Funding

1531 6th Street, Unit 401

Santa Monica, CA 90401

310 310 2534


Crowdfund Buzz Bring the Crowd to Your Crowdfund Project

Organize a Town Hall for Your Company

Crowdfunding an IPO with Cal-X Endorsed IPO Village

Self Start Your Own Crowdfund Campaign – Open Source Software

Crowdfunding Due Diligence

Crowdfunding YouTube TV Channel – FunditTV – Click Here

Crowdfunding Medical Innovations – MedStartr

Crowdfunding for medical devices hits WebClick here

Poliwogg Healthcare Startup Financing

Crowdfunding Health Tech Companies

Crowdfunding Green Projects

Private Placements on SEC Registered

Online Portal for Accredited Investors Only

Follow Smart Money
Crowdfund following top VCs

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How Not to Suck at Crowdfunding Video

Want to Start Your Own Crowdfunding Portal – Tools Here

Start Your Own Crowdfunding Portal w/WordPress

Determine Valuation of Your Business

Crowdfund Publish Your Own Book!

Crowdfunding for Video Games

Crowdfunding For Education Startups

Get Your Invention Idea Crowd Evaluated

Using Creative Science to build ads that people love to click on

Startup California Information Resource Page on Crowdfunding + JOBS ACT Includes SEC Comment Links

Crowdfunding for Schools

Crowdfunding. Are you an informed investor? – Crowdfunding – Dept. of Corporations – Click Here

Crowdfund Your Own Book

What’s Your Story? Whatever your story power it with Cal-X Endorsed Cision’s PR Software

Crowdfunding Solar Projects

Fund women entrepreneurs. Fuel innovation.

Crowdfunding Platform Accreditation

Crowdfunding Careers

Crowdfunding Music Projects

Crowdfunding for Real Estate Properties

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Radio Veronica USA and Radio Santa Monica USA Online Radio Station with Phone App for Instant Crowdfunding of Musicians

Kiva Zip is a website that enables individual lenders around the world to ‘crowd fund’ interest-free loans directly to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the USA

CrowdClear is dedicated to the funding portal community to provide the services, technology and expertise needed to facilitate Reg. A, Reg. D and future crowdfunding offerings.

State by State LOCAL Crowdfunding

Broadcast Your Company Vision To Build Support on the Cal-X endorsed Startup Channel

Tell Your Story on Video

Crowdfunding Independent Wine Makers

EarlyIQ Fraud Detection Software for Crowdfunding

Angel Investing HALO Report from Silicon Valley Bank

Crowdfunding White Label Portal Provider Crowdfunding Support Services

TubeStart is a crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to YouTube creators. We are focused on creating a platform and community where fans of online video can connect with the people who make them, to support the content they love, while enabling creators to get the financial backing to start new or enhance existing YouTube channels.




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Crowdfunding Due Diligence and Preparation

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Stock Transfer Record Keeping For Crowdfunded (Any Private) Companies
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Verify Accredited Investors

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Research Analysis Coverage of 34 Regenerative Medicine Companies
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Leonhardt Ventures’  Endorsed  The Breaking News Network Hyper Local News and Local Crowdfunding City by City

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Follow City by City on  Twitter too… Click Here

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Self Directed IRA’s Crowdfunding

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Data-based intelligence on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer finance

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Summary of SEC Proposed Title III Crowdfunding RulesClick Here

Front Page Public Relations – Click Here

Background Diligence Report on a companies ORDER HERE:

Accredited Investor Verification Made Easy:

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OTC Market Venture Marketplace
Index of 500 Venture Stage Companies
Average Valuation Market Cap $10.53 million



Cal-X Partner EquityNet Video Business Plan Analysis and Funding Network

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Howard Leonhardt: Successfully CrowdFund Your… by FORAtv

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