Entrepreneur Resources

Business Plan Analysis

Cal-X EquityNet Patented Software Determine the Valuation of Your Business – Click Here

EquityNet Final Valuation Report SampleClick Here

Collaborative Funding for Startups & Small Businesses

Turn your idea into a New Venture – A Personalized Road Map Development Tool

Develop Web site & Print Marketing

Tradeshow Booths

Credit Card Processing/ Payroll Services


Marketing Automation

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We had a great experience with our Account Executive Jeremy Maher.
Feel free to contact him to receive the same personal attention.
His direct number is 480-499-6849 and email is jeremy.maher@infusionsoft.com

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Crowd Test Idea

Pitch Contests – Click Here

Secure file sharing & Virtual Data Room

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Develop Pitch

Business Plan Development

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Crowdfunding Compliance

Crowdfunding Campaign

Entrepreneurial Banking

New Connect Startup Market Exchange OUS

Export Assistance

Venture Capital Road Show


California Equity Crowdfunding (legal now)
via California Qualification by Permit

Direct Public Offerings

Cutting Edge Capital Direct Public Offering

Friends & Family Convertible Debt Loans

Investment Banking Services

Seed Capital Producer only $333 – Click Here

Workplace Mentorship

Cal-X Assist in Selling Subscription Services

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board

Determine Valuation of Your Business

Crowdfunding Campaign Development Assistance

Organize a Town Hall for Your Company

Create Financial Models & Forecasts in Minutes

Social Conferencing – Interactive

Earn Equity for Coding

Use your IRA Funds in Your Own Business

Create Your Successful Online Store

Get Your Invention Idea Crowd Evaluated

Using Creative Science to build ads that people love to click on

App Code Development for Equity

Customized, auto legal docs for startups, investors and crowdfunding portals

Investor Relations & Public Relations Services for Equity

Life Science Investor Relations & PR

Funding App Development

 Business Audience Marketing

Find A Mentor, Be A Mentor, Build A Business

Grant Writing Services

What’s Your Story? Whatever your story power it with Cal-X Endorsed Cision’s PR Software

VentureDocs: Automated Legal Documents for Startups Raising Money – Click Here

Performance solutions that help companies run better, grow faster and make more money.

Best Digital eMagazine Creation Software

Page Flip eBook and Digital Magazine Software

Micro-entity Low Cost Patent Filings

The Google Earth of Financial Statements

Valuation & Deal Term Database

Startup Essential Documents

Tell Your Story on Video

Phone Systems for Startups

Best Cal-X Endorsed Webinar Hosting Sites

Low Cost MediaBlitz Promotion Program

PR Hacker – Low Cost Public Relations Software Package for Startups

Startup Employee Benefits Outsource Management

Content Marketing Services Selling Your Company Through Targeted Content Instead of Ads and Press Releases

Web Based ScreenCast Recorder

Better than a Video Alone

Better than a Slide Show Alone

Better than a Web Cast Alone

All three in one.

Secure Email Software

Get One Year Lock Protection on Your Idea Through Publishing Low Cost

How to Start a Business

Sign up to get Startup Beat

Amazing Business Book Summaries No Time or Patience to Read Full Books? Here is your solutions…


TubeStart is a crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to YouTube creators. We are focused on creating a platform and community where fans of online video can connect with the people who make them, to support the content they love, while enabling creators to get the financial backing to start new or enhance existing YouTube channels.


StartupInsurance ~ Affordable, Quality Health Insurance for Startups

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Operations Helps for Tech Startups
Tech Operators + Venture Capital

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Crowdfunding Due Diligence and Preparation

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The Startup Pitch:  POST A PITCH!

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Stock Transfer Record Keeping For Crowdfunded (Any Private) Companies
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Accelerated Life Science R&D Services

Turn Your Online Traffic to… Cash
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Easy Expense Report App

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Best and Easiest Electronic Signature App

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Create Your Own Custom Instant Wi-Fi Social Network
At Any Venue At Any Time – App

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Create Online Surveys

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UCSF Life Science Startup Resources

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Startup Business Assistant


Secure File Sharing and Due Diligence Rooms
Cal-X Endorsed Providers
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Print    3

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Create Your Own Mobile Phone App in 10 Minutes – No Coding Required
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Make Your Own Customer Loyalty App in Minutes

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A Global StartUp Platform to Accelerate Health & Wellness Innovation

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Cal-X Endorsed Service Providers…

* Help form your LLC or corporation. – Click Here
* Help with filing and developing patents. – Click Here
* SBA Loan Assistance. – Click Here
* Help with Trade shows and exhibits. – Click Here
* Help with web site design. – Click Here
* Help with creating a venture pitch. – Click Here
* Accelerate Startup growth with online influence. – Click Here
* Help with creating a business plan. – Click Here
* Help with optimizing a business plan. – Click Here
* Help with peer group analysis. – Click Here
* Help with bench marking. – Click Here
* Help with creating a PitchTV ad on Virgin Airlines. – Click Here
* Help with pre-selling territory licenses for new products. – Click Here
* Help with pre-selling future products to finance development. – Click Here
* Help with microloans and peer to peer lending. – Click Here
* Help with financing receivables. – Click Here
* Help with financing exports. – Click Here
* Help setting up a cooperative. – Click Here
* Help with confidential private placement legal documents. – Click Here
* Secure web based tools for managing private placements of stock. – Click Here
* Help with California Qualification by Permit Offering of up to $5 million = The investor (including any spouse) must have, exclusive of homes, home furnishings and cars, either: (1) a minimum net worth of at least $75,000 and minimum gross income of $50,000 during the last tax year and (based on a good faith estimate) minimum gross income of $50,000 during the current tax year, or (2) in the alternative, a minimum net worth of $150,000. In either case, the investment cannot exceed 10 percent of the net worth of the investor. – Click Here
* Help with California Capital Access Pool Program. – Click Here Download Brochure – Here
* Help with online confidential private placement to accredited investors only. – Click here
* Help with funding a new computer app by microlicensing. – Click Here
* Help finding angel investors. – Click Here
* Shareable company profile for investors. – Click Here
* Collaborative online workspace with mentors. – Click Here
* Venture firm locator. – Click Here
* Form a Capital Pool Company for making acquisitions. – Click Here
* Sell or buy restricted private company stock. – Click Here
* Complete a direct registered public offering. – Click Here
* Complete a standard healthcare IPO. – Click Here
* Complete a standard IPO. – Click Here
* Dutch Auction type open IPO. – Click Here
* Complete a PIPE financing – Private Investment in Public Entity. – Click Here
* We organize local meetings to meet potential mentors, business partners, potential vendors and investors.
* We drive potential investor traffic to our site with a strong PR and advertising campaign.
* We consolidate many useful tools into one easy to use site.
* We have the single application option which allows you to fill out only one application and get listed on over 35 different platforms – Click Here
* We organize sustainable community partnership banks founded by local entrepreneurs for local entrepreneurs with our partner Unified Field Corporation – Click Here
* We help firms finance their exports – Click Here

* We coach and mentor entrepreneurs on improving their pitch for their company and products – Click Here

* We help construct a term sheet for closing financial transactions – Click Here