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1Q 2015 Newsletter  – 2014 Annual Report Summary

Leonhardt Ventures founded 1982*

  • 20+ direct U.S. patents for treating cardiovascular disease & dozens indirect and in process or pending
  • Leonhardt inventions have treated over 250,000 patients
  • Leonhardt inventions have generated more than $3 billion in revenues
  • 6 Major Direct Product Exits – PolyCath cardiovascular balloon catheters 1990, TALENT stent graft for aneurysm repair 1998, Percutaneous Heart Valve 1999, Pro-Cell Stem Cell Delivery Catheter 1999, MyoCath Stem Cell Delivery Catheter 2005, Bioheart Muscle Stem Cell For Heart Failure IPO 2008.

Click Here for Leonhardt Ventures Historical Milestones and More Information > http://www.leonhardtventures.com/about-us.php
* Leonhardt Ventures legally operates since 2005 as Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures. 

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2014 Progress Summary 

The Leonhardt Venture’s Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. FOCUSED Portfolio = 15 cardiovascular + 15 social good impact startups.

Top Cardiovascular Portfolio Highlights 2014

  • 510K FDA Market Clearance secured for MyoStim Axion Microcurrent Stimulator.
  • Completed first North American Clinical Pilot Study patients with success for foot ulcer treatment.
  • Published 47 patient Phase II clinical study conducted in Germany and Switzerland for micorcurrent treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.  95% healing @ 8 weeks achieved.
  • Filed provisional patent application for Stem Cell Bra and initiated pre-clinical studies.
  • Presented BioLeonhardt Stem Cell Pump + Stimulator @ numerous cardiovascular meetings.  Sourced manufacturing for pump + stimulator,
  • Prepared provisional patent application for VALVUBLATOR – device to allow pts to keep their own heart valve instead of getting an implant.
  • Presented cardiovascular portfolio at over 20 major meetings.
  • Developed first combination stem cell pump + electrical stimulators for heart muscle regeneration & limb salvage – www.bioleonhardt.com and presented at over a dozen major meetings. \
  • Developed progressive aggressive protocol for limb salvage = microcurrent + stem cells + arthrectomy + pumps
  • Launched MyoStim Axion Microcurrent Stimulator at VIVA and VEITH Peripheral Vascular Meetings.
  • Launched sales program for NI Medical @ home heart failure monitors via HeartScore.
  • We were a keynote speaker at The World Stem Cell Summit in San Antonio.
  • DentaCell, Cerebracell and EyeCell launched as microcurrent regeneration healing spin outs.

Top Social Good Impact Portfolio Highlights 2014 & 1st Quarter 2015.

  • Launched The Kindheart Lionheart INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV Newtwork with over 14 channels – www.kindheartlionhearttv.com
  • Startup California has posted more than 4,000 posts helping California startups launch – http://startupcalifornia.org
  • Launched sales of full lineup of Food Trikes & Scooters (Mini food trucks) – www.foodtrikesandscooters.com
  • 5th Wine Country Baseball Classic player Brandon Paulson signed to $250,000 contract with the Minnesota Twins.  National press received – completed 5th season of play – www.winecountrybaseball.com – over 450 fans attended the 5th Annual Wine Country Baseball Classic in Healdsburg July 4th with fireworks after the game.
  • Crowdfund The American Dream TV show sold to NBC is set to air on CNBC as soon as Title III of crowdfunding law is implemented by the SEC.
  • PRETAIL the Crowdfunding Fashion Co. is launched – crowdfunding pre-sales of new fashion designs.
  • Cheryl Fudge Fashion adds 3 new stores and expands in Santa Monica to location in center of Santa Monica Place (minority investment)
  • Leonhardt Ventures is covered in Huffington Post and Free Enterprise LA STORY:  Santa Monica takes Startup World By Storm.
  • Howard Leonhardt served as a semi-finals Judge for the Richard Branson Extreme Tech Challenge.
  • Cal-Xport launches with Trip Matching Service for exporters www.cal-xport.com
  • Hosted highly successful FASHION STARTUP EVENT in Santa Monica March 14th, 2015

Cardiovascular Startups Portfolio

ESTIMATED VALUATIONS TABLE 15 CARDIOVASCULAR STARTUPS INCUBATING > http://calxstars.com/calxstars-cardio-holdings-2014/

1.  Microcurrent supported stem cell based regeneration and healing.
2.  Implantable pumps, catheters & sensors.

1.  BioLeonhardt – www.bioleonhardt.com – Implantable stem cell pump + microcurrent regeneration stimulator for heart failure treatment – BioLeonhardt Stem Cell Pump + Regeneration Stimulator Science Intro Slide Deck
Heart regeneration and limb salvage applications  – Click Here
2.  MyoStim Pacers – www.myostimpacers.com –
microcurrent stimulators for heart muscle regeneration and limb salvage/diabetic foot ulcers.
3.  BioPace –   – http://www.leonhardtventures.com/biopace.php- biological pacemaker made of living cells
4.  Valvublator – www.valvublator.com + http://www.leonhardtventures.com/valbulator.php – endovascuar device for decalcifying and regenerate damaged heart valves so a patient can keep their own.
5.  AortaCell –
Non-invasive wireless energy device for strengthening aortic necks to improve stent graft sealing and for fully healing small aneurysms.
6.  STEM CELL BRA – www.stemcellbra.com – world’s first breast tissue growing women’s bra with built in stem cell homing signal to help recover cancer lost tissue.
7.  CoroStim – world’s first vibrational energy node for pacemakers to prevent arterial plaque formation in high risk arteries.
8.  EndoCell – post athrectomy stem cell and microcurrent repair of damaged arteries – peripheral and coronary.
9.  CerebraCell –  
http://www.leonhardtventures.com/cerebracell.php  – regenerative microcurrent treatment for brain trauma and stroke recovery as well as cerebral aneurysm repair.
10.  EyeCell – http://www.leonhardtventures.com/eyecell.php  – regenerative microcurrent and stem cell treatment for eye diseases and conditions.
11.  DentaCell –  http://www.leonhardtventures.com/denta-call.php regenerative microcurrent and stem cell treatment for dental gum and teeth bone healing.
12.  Bioheart, Inc. – www.bioheartinc.com – leader since 1999 in stem cell repair of damaged hearts, leg ischemia and vet biologic treatments.
13.  HeartScore – www.heartscore.co – cardiovascular genetic tests and @ home monitoring for personalized care of heart failure patients.   Publisher of the HeartScore Ranking List of Top 100 Cardiovascular Innovations of the Year.
14.  Cardiobridge USA – www.cardiobridge.com – circulatory assist pump on an aortic catheter for acute decompensating heart failure recovery and limb perfusion for limb salvage.  Note – No direct cash investment made yet in Cardiobridge Germany.
15. MyoStim Microcurrent Stimulators – http://www.myostimpacers.com/microcurrent-stimulators.php – microcurrent treatments for wound healing, pain management and diabetic foot ulcers – SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT ARTICLES >  http://www.myostimpacers.com/scientific-articles.php + RESEARCH >  http://www.myostimpacers.com/physician-resources.php

Note – In 2014 & 1Q 2105 we attended over a dozen cardiovascular and stem cell regeneration focused conferences including:  Heart Failure Society of America, ACC, JP Morgan Healthcare, VEITH, VIVA, 29th 30th Annual Interventional Cardiology Snowmass, Interventional Cardiology San Diego, Heart Failure LA.  At most of these meetings we held a side technology showcase for our full portfolio including Bioheart, Inc.

Social Good Impact Portfolio

Loredana Violeta – Leonhardt friend spreading social good impact message. 

ESTIMATED VALUATIONS TABLE 15 SOCIAL GOOD IMPACT INNOVATION STARTUPS INCUBATING > http://calxstars.com/cal-x-stars-business-accelerator-inc-fall-2014-social-good-impact-portfolio/

1.  Crowdfunding.
2.  Social good impact innovations including social good impact media.

1.  The Kindheart Lionheart TV Network – www.kindheartlionhearttv.com – INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV TV network with 14 channels (see below), 100s of programs, billions of viewers.  Includes the original programs California Love, Love Roller Coaster, Love Dialogues, The LIONS DEN and Dolphin Smiles. 
2.  The California Stock Exhange TM – www.calstockexhange.com – on path to be first U.S. social good impact stock exchange.  Set to launch the Cal-X 30 Impact Fund in 2015 – PRESS DEMOCRAT ARTICLE > http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/2021652-181/finding-money-for-new-companies + INC. MAGAZINE ARTICLE > http://www.inc.com/nicole-carter/start-up-to-create-23-million-jobs.html + CROWDFUND INSIDER ARTICLE > http://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2013/03/12225-california-stock-exchange-crowdfunding/ + IT’S JUST GOOD BUSINESS RADIO INTERVIEW – https://www.entheos.com/radio/shows/Its-Just-Good-Business/94/Conversation-with-Howard-Leonhardt
> THE CALIFORNIA STOCK EXCHANGE TM FACEBOOK PAGE > https://www.facebook.com/Calstockexchange
3.  Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – www.calxcrowdfund.com – crowdfunding campaign management.  Publisher and producer of crowdfunding books, seminars and videos – WHAT WE DO > http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/cal-x-crowdfund-connect-what-do-we-do/ + http://kindheartlionheart.com/startup-media-support-services/
> CROWFUNDING INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT ON HOWARD LEONHARDT > http://www.crowdfunding.biz/blogs/1/70/crowdfunding-industry-spotlight-5-howard-leonhardt
> DEBATE ON CROWDFUNDING, BERKELEY, CA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_giNK4gYqs
4.  Leonhardt Vineyards – www.leonhardtvineyards.com – gold medal producer of California wines since 2000 sold primarily through Trader Joe’s.  10,000 case production in 2014.  Note – The wine co. is not in the Cal-X Stars Accelerator.
5.  Food Trikes and Scooters – www.foodtrikesandscooters.com – mini food truck production in Los Angeles.  Supported by micro financing, crowdfunding, entrepreneurial academy and back office support services.  PRESS COVERAGE IN BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK > 
6.  Cal-Xport – www.cal-xport.com – the “alibaba” for California exporters.  Helping California exporters develop foreign sales.
http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/crowdfunding-fashion-pretail/ – crowdfunding and pre-selling fashion goods + individualized fashion business mentoring program – http://kindheartlionhearttv.com/fashion-beauty/
8.  Lucille’s American Cafes – www.lucillescafe.com – high end comfort food diner with 40’s style All American decor.  Starting franchise and food truck programs.  Leonhardt Ventures owns 50% of expansion rights.  Click here for Franchise and Food Truck information – http://www.leonhardtventures.com/lucilles-cafe.php + LUCILLE’S AMERICAN CAFE VIDEO > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q47GXvab2NM
9.  Wine Country Baseball – www.winecountrybaseball.com – entering 6th season of play as summer showcase for collegiate and come back baseball players to major league scouts, family entertainment and community give back organization.  Up to 12 teams competing for the Leonhardt Cup.   CLICK HERE FOR OPENING DAY VIDEO >> https://vimeo.com/12625286
11.  Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing – www.kindheartlionheart.com – retailer, publisher, promotor and creator of inspriational books, abstracts, TV, movies and music.
12.  Radio Veronica USA – Click here to listen…
https://www.facebook.com/radioveronicausa?fref=nf + http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/crowdfunding-for-music/ + http://radioveronicausa.com/ – first online Facebook based radio station that enables listeners to crowdfund purchase a portion of the publishing rights of songs.  Promoter of Radio Veronica NL streaming radio http://www.radioveronica.nl/player/radio-192 + MUSIC VIDEO CHANNEL http://kindheartlionhearttv.com/music/ + Radio Veronica USA has a working collaboration with Koffeehouse Music that showcases talented up and coming artists  – http://koffeehouse.com/
13.  Kindheart Lionheart Adventures – www.lionheartadventures.com – two focused products –  (1) charitable giving vacation packages and (2) chartiable foundation fund raising packages partnered with crowdfunding tools + http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/social-causes-crowdfunding/
14.  V-Leonhardt Bus Service – super high end bus service matching the best cross Atlantic first class airline cabins with high speed internet and full array of OFFICE ON THE GO services launching in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.
15.   CROWDFUND The American Dream TV Show – set to air on CNBC as soon as SEC finalizes the Feb. 2014 published crowdfunding rules.  Produced by Go Go Luckey Productions –
http://gogoluckey.com/.  Co-created and co-hosted by Clifford Cohen and Howard Leonhardt.  Signed contract to co-host.

Incubators and Accelerators


1.  Cardiovascular innovations.
2.  Social good impact innovations.

1.   Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. – www.calxstars.com – 5 year accelerator focused on cardiovascular and social good impact innovations – 15 cardiovascular and 15 social good impact startups being accelerated in current class.

2.  Cal-Xelerator – www.calxelerator.com 15.5 week (108 days create to great) startup launch accelerator focused on cardiovascular + social good impact including social good media.Cal-Xelerator Application – Click Here

3.  Leonhardt’s Launchpads @ UNC STIC – www.leonhardtslaunchpads.com + www.uncm.edu – incubator + accelerator for life science startups located at the University of Northern California Science & Technology Center in Rohnert Park, California (near Santa Rosa) – www.uncm.edu – Howard Leonhardt has served on the Board of Directors of the University of Northern California since 1998 and helped lead the launch their incubator program in 2007 – BOARD http://www.uncm.edu/About_BoardDirectors.php + Incubated Companies  http://www.uncm.edu/STIC_CoSpinoffs.php + PRESS DEMOCRAT ARTICLE ON INCUBATOR – http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/2252451-181/howard-leonhardt-will-help-other

4.  LABioHub @ ROC Santa Monica – www.labiohub.org – a life science incubator and resource hub in Santa Monica.  PRESS RELEASE and BIOSPACE News Coverage > http://www.biospace.com/News/labiohub-roc-santa-monica-taking-applications-for/364990
“In the modern age, whether we like it or not, all companies are media companies. No matter how great a product you have if the story doesn’t get heard by the people who need to hear it, it doesn’t get traction and off the ground. There’s no better place at crafting stories in the modern media world than Los Angeles.”  Howard Leonhardt as quoted in The Huffington Post


Leonhardt Ventures + Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. Startup Launch Portfolio Progress Milestones 2014



MyoStim Pacers, Inc. – Stem cell recruiting and muscle bulding heart pacemaker

  • Prepared new patent application for SDF-1 expression homing signal.
  • Clarified Category B Reimbursement during clinical trials matching CRT Pacing
  • Secured manufacturing partner in Los Angeles area.
  • Developed clinical research plan working with Dr. William Abahram, Chief of Heart Failure at Ohio State University following the MIRACLE clinical trial design used by Medtronic for CRT pacing in 2000.  A trial in which Dr. William Abraham was Principal Investigator.
  • Arranged grant supported research study at Utrecht University in The Netherlands with Dr. Eric Duckers and Dr. Pieter Dovendans.
  • Recruited Joel Hirsch, past-President of Alfred Mann’s Core Manufacturing to lead the manufacturing of these heart repairing pacemakers in Los Angeles.
  • Recruited Suresh Gurunathan former Director of Engineering at NanoStim to serve as Senior Advisor Pacer Engineering.
  • Recruited Jane Reedy former Director of Clinical Affairs for Thoratec and HeartWare to serve as Senior Advisor Clinical Affairs.
  • Got MyoStim Pacers, Inc. stock offering of $1 million via Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. legally registered 506c Title II Placement Memorandum listed on the HealthiosXchange board.

Myostim Microcurrent Stimulators – Limb ischema and diabetic foot ulcer treatment – Click Here

  • Obtained U.S. FDA 510K for Wireless Microcurrent Wound Healing Dressing – ProCellera TM – working with partnership co. – produced in Arizona, USA – http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf13/K130350.pdf
  • Obtained U.S. FDA 510K for Microcurrent Device for Pain & Healing – Wire Based System working with partnership co. – produced in Kansas, USA – AXION IV GOLDLINE SERIES, 510 K840099
  • Obtained CE Mark Approval for Wireless Microcurrent Healing Device – contract produced in Denmark – www.wetlinghealth.com.   Duly obtained North America exclusive distribution rights.  U.S. 510K application is in process.
  • Published Phase II Clinical Trial Results 47 Patients Microcurrent for Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers – 95% Healing in 8 Weeks in All Treated Patients
  • Obtained marketing sales rights to Microcurrent Sock for Diabetic Foot Ulcer patients – U.S. 510K Authorized to Market.
  • Completed numerous microcurrent proof of utility and safety validation studies working with Dr. Jorge Genovese at the University of Maimonedes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Completed first clinical patients with successful results for treating limb ischemia and foot ulcers at the Regenerative Medicine Institute in Mexico.
  • Recruited Dr. Jorge Genovese as Director of Electrical Stimulation Regeneration Research.
  • Secured agent to locate distribution partner, research collaborators and investors in in China.
  • Secured distribution partner in Greece.
  • Secured distribution partner in Italy.
  • Secured distribution partner in Turkey.
  • Secured agent to locate distribution partner, research collaborators and investors in Japan.
  • Trained 60 U.S. sales reps on U.S. 510K products.
  • Recruited Dr. Dayu Teng of UCSD Chien Laboratory as Vice President of Research Lab Sales
  • Recruited Dr. Stuart Williams, Chairman of Cardiovascular Stem Cell Research at U of Louisville as Vice President of Research & Development
  • Recruited Dr. Nicolas Chronos, Chairman of Cardiovascular Research at The University of Georgia to serve as Director of Clinical Trials Design.
  • Posted over 100 pre-vetted supporting proof of utlity studies on MyoStim web site.
  • Recruited 35 person Scientific Advisory Board made up of world leaders.
  • Arranged grant supported research study at Karolinska Institute with Dr Ulf Hedin for treating critical limb ischemia and diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Established program at UCLA Business of Science Center where students can conduct research work for MyoStim, get paid minimum wage and gain Ph.D. level college credit, working within the UCLS CNSI Laboratories.
  • Arranged access to UCLA CNSI Laboratory space for lab experiments at low cost.
  • Recruited Paul Meyer as interim CFO advisor.
  • Recruited Jeremy Koff of Alfred Mann Companies  to team- http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/team-view/jeremy-koff/   as a senior advisor.
  • Recruited Richard Koffler as a senior advisor – http://www.kofflerventures.com/

Dr. Jacob Cynamon – Chief of Interventional Radiology Montefiore Hospital New York – Leonhardt Ventures Peripheral Vascular Advisory Board Member @ 41st Annul VEITH Symposia for Peripheral Vascular Innovations – November 2014 with Howard Leonhardt, Founder, Leonhardt Ventures Showcase http://www.veithsymposium.org/index.php

Procellera® Wound Dressing Product Application – Click Here
Wetling Wound Healing TechnologyClick Here
The AXION micro5 – Click Here

BioLeonhardt www.bioleonhardt.com – Implantable, programmable, re-fillable stem cell & growth factor pump combined with electrical stimulation for damaged heart muscle regeneration and limb salvage.

  • Unveiled product at 9th Annual Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Meeting in New York.
  • Prepared 4 related patent applications for filing.
  • Created web site introduction video.
  • Lined up manufacturing partners for implantable pump and microcurrent stimulator
  • Initiated research collaboration with Dr. Eric Duckers and Dr. Pieter Doevendans Urtrecht University, The Netherlands.
  • Developed protocols for regenerating damaged heart muscle in advanced heart failure patients.
  • Developed progressive aggressive limb salvage protocol.
  • Developed working alliance with Fluid Synchrony makers of micro infusion pumps with IP estate www.fluidsynchrony.com.  Fluid Synchrony is approaching $2 million in SBIR grants and $70,000 in revenues.
  • Presented at World Stem Cell Summit Dec. 2014.
  • Presented at 30th Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting in Colorado.
  • BioLeonhardt one page summary click here > http://bioleonhardt.com/executive-summary/
  • BioLeonhardt supporting scientific articles click here > http://bioleonhardt.com/supporting-articles/
  • On the bottom of front page of www.bioleonhardt.com are two slide decks with additional data.
  • Developed revenue pathways in to vet clinics and research labs (pre-clinical).

Stem Cell Bra www.stemcellbra.com – World’s first women’s bra with built in electrical stimulation homing signal for stem cells with ability to differentiate them into breast tissue.

  • Developed working prototypes.
  • Filed two provisional patent applications.
  • Solidified research alliance with Dr. Joel Aronowitz of Cedars Sinai UCLA.
  • Initiated large animal study in Argentia with Dr. Jorge Genovese.
  • Prepared for human clinical trials to begin 2Q 2015.
  • Add dozens of supporting papers to web site.
  • Created web site introduction video.

Valvublatorhttp://www.leonhardtventures.com/valbulator.php  + www.valvublator.com – first catheter based device for decalcifying, cell sodding, surface modifying and microcurrent regenerating heart valves so a patient may keep their own heart valve instead of getting an implant.

  • Prepared a provisional patent application ready to be filed.
  • Developed research collaboration with Dr. Mark Cunningham, Chief of Staff Cardiac Surgery at USC Keck Medical Center.
  • Developed research collaboration with Constantinos Anagnostopoulos a medical device researcher and engineer in England.
  • Developed protocol for preserving a patients own heart valve without surgery.
  • Presented Valvublator at 30th Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting in Colorado.
  • See www.valvublator.com for supporting science slide deck.

LV Sens – Left ventricle heart sensor placed via catheter

EndoCell – Endothelial progenitor cells delivered via adventia tissue micro needle catheter combined with microcurrrent stimulation for healing damaged arteries

  • Prepared provisional patent application ready for filing.
  • Developed research alliance with Dr. Warren Sherman, Director of Cardiovascular Stem Cell Research Columbia University.
  • Secured contract supplier for adventia needle catheter – Mercator Medical Systems.
  • Secured manufacturing partner for microcurrent healing device.
  • Developed pre-clinical and clinical study plan.

AortaCell – Non-invasive wireless energy device for healing aortic aneurysms, strengthening aortic necks in stent graft cases and sealing Type III endoleaks non-invasively.

  • Prepared three provision patent applications for filing.
  • Developed research alliance with Dr. Ulf Hedin at Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
  • Developed manufacturing partner for microcurrent devices.
  • Granted 4% of seed stage equity to research and kids funds on behalf of co-Founder Dr. Roy Greenberg, former Chief of Vascular Surgery of Cleveland Clinic that passed away last year at age 49 of cancer.

DentaCellhttp://www.leonhardtventures.com/denta-call.php – Microcurrent devices for healing dental gums, teeth and jaw bone.

  • Developed management team to move forward product development.
  • Develop pathway to partnerships for wireless microcurrent dental strips for healing = ProCellera and Posifect (final contracts pending sales forecasts).
  • 510K FDA authorization has been received for Procellera microcurrent bandages and CE Mark for PosiFect.
  • Secured manufacturing partner for wireless microcurrent devices – Wetling.
  • Applied for CE Mark for wireless microcurrent wound healing.
  • Prepared 510K application for wireless microcurrent wound healing.
  • Secured manufacturing partner for wire based microcurrent device with 510K.
  • Began development of bone healing stimulators specialized for teeth.
  • Established registered tooth pulp storage service for future stem cell expansion in case of need.

CerebraCellhttp://leonhardtventures.com/cerebracell.php – Microcurrent device for helping patients recover from brain trauma and strokes.

  • Developed basic business plan.
  • Secured manufacturing partners.
  • Completed market research.
  • Signed up Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino to introduce us to the NFL.
  • Prepared provisional patent application ready for filing.
  • Secured investment from the University of Northern Califonria Foundation.
  • Placed CerebraCell in Leonhardt’s Launchpads @ UNC STIC Incubator near Santa Rosa, CA.

EyeCell –  http://www.leonhardtventures.com/eyecell.php – Microcurrent device for reversing macular Degeneration and for treating other eye disorders.

  • Prepared provisional patent application ready for filing.
  • Lined up manufacturing partners.
  • Developed basic business plan.
  • Conducted market research.
  • Partnered with renowned eye surgeon Dr. Patrick Johnson of Minneapolis.
  • Recruited Dr. Edward Kondrot renowned expert of microcurrent eye related therapies to research team.
  • Placed EyeCell duly in Cal-X Stars and Leonhardt’s Launchpads at UNC STIC incubators in Santa Monica and Santa Rosa.

CoroStim – Vibrational energy device for preventing plaque formation in arteries.

  • Prepared provisional patent application for filing.
  • Lined up manufacturing partners.
  • Conducted market research.

BioPacehttp://www.leonhardtventures.com/biopace.php – Biological pacemaker made of living cells placed via a percutaneous needle tipped catheter.

  • 2 patents issued.
  • Completed enhanced cell culturing studies in The Netherlands.
  • Developed research collaboration with Dr. Eric Ducker Utrecht University The Netherlands.
  • Initiated research collaboration with Dr. Jakub Tolar University of Minnesota Stem Cell Research Institute.
  • Developed protocols for studies.
  • Developed research collaboration with biological pacing pioneer Wendell King.

HeartScore www.heartscore.co – Full lineup of cardiovascular diagnostics including genetic tests and @ home and point of care monitoring for developing individualized care for heart failure and cardiovascular patients.

  • Added over 20 products to the lineup including many with 510K authorization to sell in the USA now – http://heartscore.co/our-product/
  • Publisher of the soon-to-be published HEARTSCORE TOP 100 CARDIOVASCULAR INNOVATIONS OF THE YEAR. 
  • Developed sales partnership with NI Medical heart failure monitors – http://heartscore.co/nimedical/ –  placed 2 evaluations units in leading U.S. centers.
  • Recruited 60 cardiovascular sales reps in the USA.
  • Launched @ home ECG monitor.
  • Launched full lineup of cardiovascular genetic tests.
  • Developed special working relationship with Heart Genomics www.heartgenomics.com a heart failure genetic test co.
  • Developed special working relationship with ProStem the ischemia blood test co.

On Deck Circle (means no investment made yet but helping to showcase and planning to invest and/or collaborate in the future).

Cardiobridgewww.cardiobridge.com + http://heartpumpcath.com/

Circulatory assist pump on a catheter.

  • Presented results from European trials at numerous conferences.
  • Prepared application for CE Mark.
  • Developed plan for U.S. sales launch.
  • Began preparation of U.S. 510K application.

Procyrionwww.procyrion.com – Circulatory assist pump on an aortic stent.

  • Progressed pre-clinical studies in preparation for FDA application to begin clinical studies.

Social Good Impact Media Innovations & Startups Incubated in


The California Stock Exchangewww.calstockexchange.com Aspirations to become 1st U.S. social good impact stock exchange  – under development.

  • Secured registered Trademark for The California Stock Exchange TM.
  • Prepared documentation for the Cal-X Social Good Impact Fund Business Development Corporation IPO to be filed 3Q 2015.
  • Developed promotional collaboration with the Poliwogg Regenerative Medicine Fund BDC IPO.
  • Prepared the Cal-X 30 Social Good Impact Index Fund/Exchange Traded Fund for informational ticker tape listing and test run before full real money launch.

The Lions Den TV Show Cal-Xhttp://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/the-lions-den/  – Launched online crowdfunding TV show airingon The Kindheart Lionheart INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV Network – www.kindheartlionhearttv.com

Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – www.calxcrowdfund.com – Crowdfunding campaign building services firm launched.

  • Launched PreTail the Crowdfunding Fashion company – http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/crowdfunding-fashion-pretail/  – Crowfunding pre-sale site for fashion designs.
  • Prepared for FASHION STARTUP EVENT with CROWDFUNDING FASHION Seminer for March 14th in Santa Monica – http://www.meetup.com/StartUpLA/events/220567701/
  • Published Leonhardt’s Top 20 Tips for Crowdfunding Success – http://calstockxchang.wpengine.com/leonhardts-top-20-tips-for-crowdfunding-success/
  • Serving as state spokesperson for The JOBS ACT and CROWDFUNDING for Startup California have now given over 70 speeches.

Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. – www.calxstars.com – 5 year business accelerator specializing in cardiovascular and social good media innovations.

  • Accelerated progress of 15 cardiovascular and 15 social good impact startups.
  • Secured 125 stakeholders – 20 shareholders and 105 compensated advisors.

Cal-Xelerator www.calxelerator.com – 108 day startup launch accelerator.

  • Developed and published comprehensive 15 1/2 week program for startup launch

Leonhardt’s Launchpads www.leonhardtslaunchpads.com – Incubator for select few life science companies at University of Northern California Science & Technology Innovation Center.

  • Sapheon Medical that incubated at UNC STIC sold for $238 million to Medtronic Covidien.
  • Enrolled EyeCell and Cerebracell in Leonhardt’s Launchpads @ UNC STIC at the University of Northern California in Rohnert Park, California (near Santa Rosa 45 minutes north of San Francisco)

V-Leonhardt Bus Service – High end super high tech bus service for major cities.

  • Finalized prototype bus design and developed build out budget.

Food Trikes and Scooters www.foodtrikesandscooters.com – Solar powered mini food trucks supported by full array of services.

  • Built out and sold first unit.
  • Developed sales brochure and web site.
  • Secured manufacturing partnerships.

Wine Country Baseball www.winecountrybaseball.com  + http://www.leonhardtventures.com/wine-country-baseball.php – Development league for showcasing players hoping to get signed to MLB contracts.

  • Had over 400 fans at 5th Annual Wine Country Baseball Classic on 4th of July in Healdsburg.
  • WCB Classic participant Brandon Paulson signed to $250,000 contract with Minnesota Twins.
  • Over 300 WCB Posters put up all over Sonoma and Napa County for Wine Country Baseball Classic.
  • Secured local radio coverage of games.
  • Developed franchise sales package.  Franchises selling for $80,000 each.  12 teams in inventory.

Cal-Xporthttp://cal-xport.com/  – The “Alibaba” site for California exporters.

  • Launched web site.
  • Promoted UCLA export education programs.
  • Developed TRIP MATCHING SERVICE to help exporting companies make overseas export sales calls at less expense.  Working on developing easy to use APP.
  • Posted dozens of helpful resource links.

Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing www.kindheartlionheart.com – Online book store – inspirational works. Publisher, creator and producer of inspirational content.

  • Over 500 GET INSPIRED books posted in retail store.
  • Advanced forward Dolphin Smiles: The Legend of Kindheart LIonheart via UCLA Writing Program.
  • Produced first short film – Melody.
  • Spun out a TV network with 14 channels and 30+ programs with over 1000 episodes.

Crowdfund The American Dream TV Show –  Crowdfunding show sold to CNBC.

  • Completed show format.
  • Sold to Go Go Luckey Productions.
  • Re-sold to NBC.
  • Signed contract to co-host show.
  • Gained placement on CNBC primetime.

Kindheart Lionheart TV Network www.kindheartlionhearttv.com – Inspirational works TV network.

  • Developed 14 channels.
  • Over 30 programs with over 1000 episodes.
  • Posted shows have over 2 billion views total.
  • Created 4 original in-house original programs.

Kindheart Lionheart Startup Media Support Services  http://kindheartlionheart.com/startup-media-support-services/ – Media marketing and ad team to help launching startups.  We take part cash and part equity for pay for services.  Primarily producer of company videos.

  • Developed full service studio for producing TV shows, ads, music videos, company videos and short films.

Radio Veronica USA – https://www.facebook.com/radioveronicausa + www.radioveronicausa.com – Online radio station set up to crowdfund the publishing rights of songs with one tap of your phone.

  • Launched first Facebook based radio station that allows listeners to crowdfund purchase publishing rights of songs – https://www.facebook.com/radioveronicausa

The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Showhttp://www.leonhardtventures.com/khlh-radio.php – Radio show focused on stories of compassion and courage in the marketplace in the era of conscious capitalism.

  • Aired 14 episodes covering stories of compassion and courage in the marketplace, innovators and creators.

Kindheart Lionheart Adventureswww.lionheartadventures.com – Charitable giving travel company and set of products to help foundations raise funds.

  • Arranged over 24 exciting charitable giving and foundation fund raising adventure pacakages.

California Love TV Programhttp://www.california-love.co/ –  The flagship original TV series of the Kindheart Lionheart INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV network.  About the first moments of new love.

  • Built full team.
  • Wrote 4 original scripts.
  • Registered show with SAG.
  • Produced introduction video.

California Wine Financing Partnerships –  Financial services company supporting the wine industry.

  • Financed the sale of over 1800 cases of wine and secured rights to grapes and production capacity for 6200 additional cases working in partnership with Commercial Finance Group.

Startup California www.startupcalifornia.org –  Startup support services.

  • Over 100 interns signed up into summer startup internship program.
  • Upgraded the Startup Jobs site.
  • Managed 8 state regions.
  • Posted over 4000 posts of information helpful to startups.

LA BioHubwww.labiohub.org –  Life science information hub with plans for a physical incubator in near future for the Los Angeles area.

  • Launched beta-test web site.
  • Announced plans for LABioHub Life Science Incubator with lab at ROC Santa Monica – http://www.biospace.com/News/labiohub-roc-santa-monica-taking-applications-for/364990

Lucille’s Cafes Franchising & Licensing Co. http://www.leonhardtventures.com/lucilles-cafe.php + www.lucillescafes.com – Holding company that holds trademark, franchising, SOPs and recipe rights for the highly successful Lucille’s Cafes.

  • Completed franchise package for restaurant.
  • Designed Lucille’s on Wheels Food Truck.
  • Developed Lucille’s on Wheels full menu.
  • Developed Lucille’s on Wheel’s Mini Food Truck design.
  • Developed Lucille’s on Wheel’s Food Trike design.

Entrepreneurship Party Public Policy Institutewww.entrepreneurshipparty.com – Public policy institute to support entrepreneurs.

Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp – www.cherylfudge.com – fashion design concept store catering to young adults (Leonhardt Ventures minority investment – not in accelerator)

  • Expanded to 5 locations; Miami, Connecticut, Santa Monica Place, New York, New Jersey

The Task Runnerswww.thetaskrunners.com – Task completion services for Los Angeles businesses and busy people.  A working partnership no equity stake at this time.

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