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Cal-X Startup Pitch Challenge
Sponsored by The California Stock Exchange “We Help Grow Businesses Step by Step” –
Posted by Howard J. Leonhardt

Cal-X News readers and site visitors have been working on some fantastic startups.  We would love to feature your startup on the site and to select you to present at various Cal-X sponsored events including local Cal-X Chapter Meetings.


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Here’s how it works:

1. Build a slide deck with a maximum of 5 slides. Don’t include any animations in your deck.
2. Record your elevator pitch. This should be no longer than 3.5 minutes. Video quality isn’t a big deal (just use your built in webcam), but really polish your pitch.
3. Send us an email at with IMPORTANT FOR US TO LOCATE YOUR SUBMISSION THIS IS HOW WE SEARCH FOR SUBMISSIONS =  “Cal-X StartUp Pitch Challenge” in the subject line with your slide deck and video attached (or a link to them).  Include in the cover email all your contact information.
4.  Do not mention anything about raising capital – the pitch challenge is not a capital raising event.  By law you cannot and should not make a general solicitation for funds.

We will feature the best startup pitches on Cal-X.   We will send everyone feedback with links to helpful resources.  We would really appreciate it if you helped to spread the word  on Cal-X and this Cal-X StartUp Pitch Challenge (on Twitter, Facebook, etc.).    Thank you and good luck!



Put Your StartUp on the Map with the CalX Endorsed

StartUps Across America Map Program


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Only companies that meet the following criteria will be listed on The California Stock Exchange small and big boards and streaming ticker…

Companies that…

1.  Treat their employees well including living wages.
2.  That communicate a sense of good purpose.
3.  Strive to protect the environment.
4.  Promote healthy living.
5.  Are good citizens of their communities.
6.  Give back to society in one form or another.
7.  Have in place a voluntary internal audit system to ensure they are paying women equal pay for equal work and performance.
8.  Invest in their people supporting life long learning.

TSX Venture Capital Pool Company Program 


List your company profile with The California Stock Exchange.

Note – We are not offering securities at this time.  We are serving a match maker between companies and potential sources of assistance in financing.


Start-Up Company Assessment Worksheet


Please email the following to be added to The California Stock Exchange Company Profile section.


Facebook Company page

YouTube video upload of CEO describing company in 5 minutes.
•  Post photo and description of top endorsing investor with full bio.
•  Post which start up business incubator or VC firm is mentoring your progress.

If none interested to be introduced to one?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to micro loan providers?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to potential angel investors or angel investor networks?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to venture capital firms?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to institutional investment fund managers?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to an investment banker that can assist in capital raising?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to an investor relations and/or public relations firm?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to a web site development and optimization firm.
•  Are you interested in being introduced to an export trading company to help sell your products or services overseas?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to a bank for small business loans?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to a grant writer to pursue government and private foundation grants?
•  Are you interested in being introduced to a business plan development consultant?


Please click here to email above info to be added to our Company Profile section.


California Stock Exchange

(proposed listing rules)


Big Board

For capital raises over $2 million

•    8 page corporate profile.

•    Investor slide presentation posted.

•    Endorsing qualified investor profile that has conducted due diligence.

•    Experienced board of directors.

•    Daily posts of shipments, invoicing totals and expenses totals.

•    Monthly unaudited financials.

•    Customer testimonials (3).

•    Quarterly conference calls or web meetings to answer shareholder questions.

•    CEO interview by video posted at least annually.

•    CEO audio podcast updates monthly.

•    Investors agree to maximum pay out of $1 million in shareholder law suits.

•    Maximum allowed legal, accounting, banking, insurance fees for IPOs or secondary offerings limited to 5% of capital raised.

•    CEO and CFO sign off of accuracy and truth to best of knowledge of all posted information of material nature.

•    All shareholders vote on management and board compensation packages by internet.


Small Board

For Capital raises under $2 million

•    4 page corporate profile.

•    Investor slide presentation posted.

•    Maximum investment from non-accredited investor is $100 per shareholder.

•    Quarterly unaudited financials must be posted.

•    Endorsing investor and advisor profile must be posted.

•    Must be at least a virtual member of a business incubator or accelerator.

•    CEO video or audio podcast describing business or interview must be posted.

•    One customer or potential customer testimonial must be posted.

•    Investors waive right to shareholder lawsuits until company exceeds $2 million in capital raised.

•    CEO signs off on accuracy of information posted.


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