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Resources to assist emerging and growing firms to raise capital and to obtain loans. Information to help small cap investors and micro loan providers to make the best choices.


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“This is the best peer group analysis software ever developed”

– Howard Leonhardt, CalX Founder
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“The California Stock Exchange is for anyone motivated to act on, propel or accomplish social good, whether an entrepreneur, social activist, or artist. When people do what they love and believe in, they create stronger more sustainable businesses with more loyal followers and in turn, will create a stronger more sustainable economy. Our clear goal is to create 23 million new jobs over the next decade; jobs that people love.”


– Howard J. Leonhardt, Founder


What we are about and why it is important:

1. We believe we are on track to create 12 million jobs in California and 23 million jobs nationwide. Not just any jobs but jobs people love.
2. We hope to be the stock exchange for the main street person.
3. We help people get the chance to pursue their dreams or to attach to the rising star great dreams of others.
4. We promote and enable local investors to invest in their local community with the help of Patch.com
5. We hope to make it easier than ever for early adopter customers to become early stage investors/borrowers in great companies with great products.
6. Our plan is for our CalX app button to be on the bottom of every ad and every YouTube video and article about a great product providing super convenient ability to make a small investment quickly with ease at low cost. The CalX phone ap and program will make it easy for people to make small investments via their phone when they read or watch something about a product or company that turns them on, similar how it is now easy to donate to a political campaign or a charitable foundation.
7. We are the go to web site for opportunity to thrive. Opportunity to invest early at low cost. Opportunity for companies to grow.
8. We hope to lower the costs and complexities of raising capital so more of the investment dollars and entrepreneurs time actually go into growing companies.
9. We hope to create the ultimate collaborative coalition of firms (endorsed service providers and partners) all dedicated to helping small companies and small investors thrive.


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CalX chosen partner for business plan optimization and peer group analysis software.


CalX chosen partner for managing friends and family loans.


CalX chosen company profile platform. Reach over 30,000 investors.


Capital raising strategies that allow businesses to solicit non-traditional sources of funding.


SEC Compliant Private Placements on Line.



Secure web based tools for managing private placements of stock.



Create a Winning venture pitch!



Connector service for Entrepreneurs.


CalX chosen partner for kits to help organize local meetups of Entrepreneurs and potential investors.


Form a company to raise $5 mil. in capital via a public offering to make an acquistion.


Marketplace for alternative investments.


Crownfunding site tailored to helping artists raise funds.



Europe based crowdfunding site tailored to reach European investors.



International firm, providing mentorship guidance to firms seeking angel investor capital.



Assisting social impact organizations to secure funding. World leader in social impact bonds.



Social investment funds.



Crowdfunding for social impact entrepreneurs in economically depressed zones.


Peer to peer lending service.



Europe based online marketplace where people lend to businesses.



Idea accelerator software with a focus on patentable technologies.


High-tech visa free entrepreneurship incubator on an ocean vessel in international waters off silicon valley.



Sokap is a Social Utility created to Accelerate Big Ideas in Movies, Music, and Publishing


“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO 2005 Stanford commencement speech

“The California Stock Exchange www.calstockexchange.com is designed to provide unprecedented access to asset ownership to women and minorities. We sincerely believe these finance reform measures designed to help the “small gal or guy” will do more to increase the wealth of the lower tiered in the population than anything ever done before. What has held women and minorities in the lower tier up until now is inability to access capital. That is all about to change with the advent of The California Stock Exchange.” Howard Leonhardt, Founder, Chairman & CEO The California Stock Exchange

“Although women do two thirds of the world’s labor, they own less than 1% of the world’s assets.”

– Isabel Allende


California Capital Access Program


“The key to economic recovery is a focus on energizing, enabling, educating, and empowering people to follow their dreams.”


The California Stock Exchange seeks to revolutionize the way individuals and companies raise capital to pursue their dreams. What used to cost millions of dollars and take 24 months and was not accessible period for small firms utilizing the old outdated New York Stock Exchange ways will now cost under $1000 and will take 8 days and will be accessible to all. In the past favorite high net worth investors on the inside track with the large investment banking firms got the special privileged access to invest in IPOs.

The California Stock Exchange gives equal fair access to everyone including taxi drivers, waitresses and diner cooks. All IPOs on this exchange will be Dutch Auction IPOs. Over-charging lawyers, over charging accountants, unnecessary middlemen, over bearing insurance sales men are not allowed near this stock exchange. We believe the best way to protect the investor is to ensure their investment actually goes to the cause they are investing in and not into the pockets of lawyers, accountants, bureaucrats and insurance salesmen.

Yes, we are going to have to change a few laws to get done what we want to do. This is needed. This free exchange will create more real jobs in a month than government bureaucrats will in 4 years in office. We will soon be taking this first to the California legislature and then to the U.S. Congress as a clear concise package of financing reforms that will make this dream a reality. We thank you in advance for your support.

“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sales. Explore. Discover. Dream.”

Mark Twain


In the meantime while we are waiting for reform to be enacted we will serve as a match making and listing service for emerging companies and potential finance partners to meet each other. They then can meet in person and work out between themselves the details of any transaction and will be responsible themselves for meeting any applicable securities laws. We will also provide a rating service and will feature information on exciting up and coming companies. Some of the exciting new elements of our exchange are our Music Exchange and Film Exchange pages which are designed to match together artists seeking to fund their artistic projects with those that may have interest in assisting them.

Our micro loan page binds together interested companies into groups of 15 and then matches them with parties interested in providing micro loans to that particular 15 unit group. The California Stock Exchange will utilize every modern day electronic tool available to help promote job creation through empowering people to pursue their dreams. Our motto is “this is not your fathers stock exchange” symbolizing our leadership in heralding a new age of entrepreneurship, in particular social entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism, where doing well by doing good becomes the norm instead of the exception.

We will only list companies on our exchange that we are convinced are doing something good for society.

Howard J. Leonhardt
January 31st, 2011
Founder, Chairman & CEO
The California Stock Exchange



Our company Bioheart, Inc. BHRT.ob was the only biotech IPO in all of 2008. We raised $6.5 million to do life saving research in utilizing muscle stem cells to repair damaged heart muscle. $4.8 million of the $6.5 million we raised went to lawyers, middlemen, accountants, bureaucrats and insurance salesmen (directors and officers and minority shareholder litigation protection) leaving the company with only $1.7 million to conduct it’s clinical trials.

This experience prompted the formation of this better more efficient stock exchange. The lawmakers that created the over bearing laws that caused this kind of expense to undertake an IPO say they are protecting small investors. Taking $4.8 million of $6.5 million and redirecting it to lawyers and their friends is NOT protecting the small investor, in fact it is doing just the opposite. It is time for change and we are attempting to lead this change. With our exchange if investors put up $6.5 million to conduct life saving clinical trials $6.4 million of that will go to that very cause.



Disclaimer: The California Stock Exchange listing of private companies is an information service only. You may click on companies of interest to get to their web site and may contact them directly about purchasing their products, employment opportunities or other financial related opportunities. You and the company are responsible for adhering to any applicable laws that may pertain to any transaction you may undertake between yourselves.



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