Dolphin Tank of Springboard Enterprises

“Anyone who attended DWEN Rio can attest to the great work you are doing with this approach to helping women improve their pitch. Our team is excited to bring the Dolphin Tank™ back to our 2012 event in India!”
-Stephanie Goodell, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network
“We Swim Alongside You”

We always say entrepreneurship is not a spectator sport—there’s nothing passive about it!

You need to come up with an idea, figure out how to build it, and then figure out who will buy it— and that’s before you get funding and bring in real customers.  No easy feat!

That’s where we come in–read about the Dolphin Tank™ program here.

See recent press coverage here.

“Swim with the Dolphins and Springboard into roiling business waters armed with confidence and the necessary skills to achieve new business launch and growth.” — Jill Card (NE 2000)

Unlike ABC’s Shark Tank or the British Dragon’s Den, in the Dolphin Tank you share your ideas without the fear that the audience will tear you to shreds. In the two minutes it takes to pitch your idea, we can tell you whether your pitch “pops” or not.  We’ll help you make edits to your message that might make all the difference when opportunities come your way.

Come join us in the Dolphin Tank™ and try out a pitch–no experience required, just your ideas, challenges and innovations.

To find out more about the Dolphin Tank™ or to host a Dolphin Tank in your area,

contact Joshua Henderson, Director of Programming, at 202.242.6282.

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