Dave Harvilicz

Dave Harvilicz – Board Director – Senior Advisor Crowdfunding & Conscious Capitalism

Greater Los Angeles AreaInternet
When You Wish, General Assembly, Open Throttle Ventures, Leonhardt Ventures, The Motley Fool, Loyola Law School
Animal Wellness Centers, LECG, Corilant Financial Management LLC
NYU School of Law

Dave Harvilicz was an insider on Wall Street and Silicon Valley before co-founding When You Wish, a crowdsourcing ecosystem dedicated to furthering the democratic financial and information revolution.
His experience as a corporate lawyer, international consultant and startup entrepreneur has given him unique perspective on law, business and markets.
Dave was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and speaks Russian, German and Portuguese. He graduated with honors from William & Mary and NYU Law School and has been licensed as a Series 65 registered investment advisor. His sister, Dr. Annie Harvilicz, is a world-renowned veterinarian in Los Angeles. Dave lives in Santa Monica.

About When You Wish
Since its inception in March 2011, When You Wish, or “WUW” as its called in-house, has developed into a crowdsourcing ecosystem with various business groups.
When You Wish’s lead investor is John Mackey the Founder of Whole Foods and the Conscious Capitalism Society.
At its heart are the pure-play b2c crowdfunding platforms: www.whenyouwish.com (for English-speakers) and www.whenyouwish.com.br (for Portuguese-speakers).
WUW’s crowdfunding mission is to radically revolutionize the way human aspiration and creativity is funded. Whether those aspirations are creative, economic, or humanitarian, we champion bringing the power of capital to all people.
WUW’s other business units include FirstLook venture fund, CrowdGames gaming group, PageGrove digital agency, and a  crowdsource business consulting arm.