Dayu Teng

Dayu Teng received his Ph.D. training in Bioengineering in 2010 under the mentorship of Dr. Shu Chein, a pioneer in biomedical engineering and a metal-of-science winner. During his Ph.D. training, Dayu developed a micro-scale platform technology to study live cells in a high throughput fashion. Dayu founded DrugArray Inc. based on this technology in 2011. In 2004, Dayu founded and chaired the first Annual Biotech Entrepreneurship Conference in San Diego. The conference continued to serve the San Diego biotech community for 5 more years. In 2006, he participated in a clinical training program as a fellow selected by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Since 2012, Dayu has also worked with Organovo, a San Diego company in 3D cell printing. In 2013, collaborating with clinicians and device companies, Dayu developed a live-cell artificial vessel system and 3D image reconstruction that were used successfully in assessing multiple thrombectomy devices. Dayu has also participated as a senior consultant with Themes Investment and Ally Bridge Investment, and contributed to successful investments in several biotechnology companies in recent years.