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What We Do

1.  We analyze business plans and determine a 5 year road map for the company with a full range of support services via our network – Click Here
2.  We help startups with valuation modeling and forecasting – Worthworm   +   Equitynet
3.  We support two business accelerators:
a.  Cal-Xelerator – 108 day create to great startup launch accelerator based in Santa Monica www.calxelerator.com
b.  Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. – 5 year accelerator/incubator exclusively focused on 1. Cardiovascular and 2. Social good impact innovations – www.calxstars.com
4.  We support Cal-X Crowdfund Connect www.calxcrowdfund.com that helps young firms develop crowdfunding campaigns (see below).
5.  We support Kindheart Lionheart Media Startup Support Services team – KindheartLionHeart.com which creates high emotional impact videos, animations, graphics and infographics for startups (see link below).
6.  We support Cal-X MicroLoans – Click Here helping startups secure microloans.
7.  We support Cal-X Funders Syndicate – Click Here
8.  We support Cal-Xport – Cal-Xport.com helping startups reach export markets.

Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – What we do – Click Here

Startup Media Support Services – Click Here

In the future…

December 2014 – Launch of Cal-X Index and Venture funds (1) Cardiovascular, (2) Regenerative Medicine, (3) Social Good Impact.

December 2014 – Launch of stock listing streaming ticker tape and research reports board for 30 Cal-X endorsed stocks – 15 life science, 15 social good impact including funds – The California Stock Xchange Infoplace.

December 2017 – Open full fledged California Stock Exchange with aspirations to be the third major stock exchange in the USA – listing approximately 1500 companies stocks with multiple boards = 1.  Small board.  2. Social good impact board.  3.  Big board.

Some history..

Cal-X: The Story of The California Stock Exchange – Click Here